2024 4th International Conference on Public Management and Intelligent Society (PMIS 2024)

Call For Papers


lADPJxf-yrw1wd_NA9vNBAA_1024_987.jpgFocused on the conference theme, PMIS 2023 is now collecting papers from the whole society:

Topics include but are not limited to:

Computational Strategies in Public Administration and Governance

Machine Learning Algorithms for Public Sector Decision-Making

Data Mining and Big Data Analytics in Government

Cloud Computing and IoT for Efficient Public Services

Digital Platforms for Enhancing Citizen Engagement

Algorithmic Policy Formulation and Analysis

Cybersecurity and Data Protection in E-Governance

Smart Urban Development and Computational Sustainability

Computational Models for Urban Traffic Management

AI and IoT in Urban Environmental Monitoring

Energy Consumption Prediction and Management using Machine Learning

IT Infrastructure Development for Digital Public Services

Challenges and Success Stories in Public Sector Digital Transformation

Smart Technologies and Future Perspectives in Society

Digital Transformation and Digital Society

Business Analytics and Data Science

Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Smart City, Smart Health, and FinTech

AI, ChatGPT, Robotics, and Machine Learning: Future of Work and Future of Humanity

Human-Centered AI, Human-AI Collaboration, Web3, Metaverse

*Papers of other topics are also welcomed as long as they meet the conference theme.